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Three Things You Should Know about Rutgers

This week I met with Claire Preston, the New York representative from Rutgers University. Throughout our conversation, we discussed many of the aspects that make Rutgers a great choice for undergraduate students. The three things that stood out to me are Rutgers’ truly impressive diversity, selectivity, and campus life.

Key Stats
University Name: Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey
Location: Main campus in New Brunswick with two additional campuses in Newark and Camden
Freshmen Retention Rate: 92%
Enrollment: 32,000 undergraduates (New Brunswick)
Tuition: $42,000 (out-of-state, including room, board and fees)


student rutgersAlthough Rutgers is the State University of New Jersey, its students come from all over the United States and the world.

To be precise, 6 to 7 percent of students are international students and 15 percent come from out of state. Both of these statistics are increasing, and the school expects to have 23 percent out-of-state students in the coming years.

Beyond geographic and cultural diversity, Rutgers also enjoys a range of economic, religious, and sexual diversities. At the Newark campus, 51 percent of undergraduates self identify as diverse individuals. At the New Brunswick campus, 46 percent identify themselves as diverse. The New Brunswick campus also has a large Jewish population, and Habad Kosher dining is readily available.


While Wikipedia lists Rutgers’ 2014 acceptance rate as over 60 percent, this figure is very misleading. In fact, Rutgers has become increasingly selective over the past few years and is likely to become even more selective in the years to come.

The New Brunswick campus is broken into five smaller communities with seven different colleges. Each college has different criteria to evaluate candidates, its own rate of admission, as well as unique scholarships and opportunities.

College Acceptance Rate Of Note
Arts and Science 54% Acceptance rate is likely to decrease as Rutgers is decreasing class size and increasing cut-off score requirements.
Business 39% School has a brand-new (5-year-old) facility.
Engineering 54% Accepted students average a 700 in the math section of the SAT.
Environmental Biological Sciences 59%
Mason Gross School of the Arts 11% Theatre students can spend their third year acting or designing at Shakespeare’s Globe in London.
Pharmacy 32%
Nursing 25% Only accepts around 70 students. This college ranked #25 in the country last year. Accepted students generally average in the high 600s in the math section of the SAT.


On your application, you can identify up to three different colleges you’d like to attend.

Rutgers also has two accelerated medical school paths for students. The first, through Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, only accepts 10 students per year. The second is through the New Jersey Med School in Newark. Students interested in medical school routinely intern at hospitals on campus and can get references from doctors to accompany their medical school applications.

In addition, truly exceptional students will benefit from Rutgers’ brand new honors college. It was created just two years ago and accepts around 520 students from all different majors. Honors students are encouraged to double major and to complete a capstone project.

Campus Life

Despite the fact that around 15% of students are commuters, Rutgers is not a “suitcase school” where students just come for the classes and leave in the evenings. Rather, it is a school with exceptional spirit and campus life.

There are 450 student clubs on campus, and around 70% of Rutgers’ undergraduate students live in on-campus housing. Most students choose to live in the dorm or on the campus that is associated with their major, and every housing facility has workout areas and dining halls.

Out-of-state students are ensured on-campus housing, and the university is working to build new dorms in order to keep up with demand.

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