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Study Auctioneering at HACC

Learn the auctioneer’s chant. Sell dozens of items in under a minute. Hold an auction with fellow students. These are just some of the benefits you’ll get when you study auctioneering at HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College.

Key Stats
Program: Auctioneering
Program Type: Accelerated diploma program
Program Length: One semester (5 months)
University: HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College
Department: Business Studies Department
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Students: Capped at 20
Applicants: First-come first-serve
Program URL: http://www.hacc.edu/ProgramsandCourses/Courses-and-Programs-Details.cfm?prn=0100

Whether you are interested in selling cars, antiques, property, livestock or items online, at HACC you can study auctioneering and gain the skills you need.

This practical, semester-long program prepares you to start a rewarding career. You will earn your diploma quickly and prepare for the Pennsylvania state exam.

How is the program structured?

This is a 20-credit program. It is taught over 15 weekends during the fall semester. You’ll study for 8 hours every Saturday and Sunday.

In addition, you’ll complete 60 hours of practical experience outside of classes.

What will I study?

picture3During the first 5 weeks, you’ll learn about interpersonal skills, the auctioneering chant, and auction law.

For the next 5 weeks, you’ll study auctioneering procurement and appraisal.

The last 5 weekends are dedicated to you and your fellow students running an auction. You’ll also learn about government compliance (sales tax, commission, etc.) and the procurement and appraisal of real estate.


“The program really gives you the book-side of it — and some additional knowledge and background — in addition to practical knowledge.” — Erika Kelly, Fall 2013 graduate

What will I auction?

You can auction almost anything! Some students want to be livestock auctioneers, while others prefer to sell cars, real estate or antiques.

Online auctions are also a growing sector. Since licensure is not broken up by these different categories, the program at HACC accommodates all interests through inclusive, general education.

How does the class auction work?

You’ll bring in 20-30 lots, meaning 20-30 items to sell. This can include personal things, items that you have collected, and things that you have bought.

You’ll then help to prepare the items by photographing them and creating an inventory. You and your classmates will hold the auction at the Cordier auction facility.

How will I gain practical auctioneering experience?

All students must complete 60 hours of cooperative work for the diploma. The school gives suggestions about where to look and former students often open their doors.

Ultimately, though, you will be responsible for finding your own work.

“It’s a skill that they have to develop. When they become licensed, they have to go out and look for business.” — Charlene Caple, auctioneering instructor

picture4There are also several charity events that count as practicum hours. For example, this year the class sold pies from a pie-baking contest at the National Apple Harvest Festival. With only ten pies, they raised about $2500 in charity for wounded warriors and veterans.

Who are the students?

Students range in age from 18 to 70! That’s a good thing since the auctioneering business also requires you to deal with all age groups.

Males have historically dominated the study of auctioneering, but the program at HACC has teachers and students of both genders.

“Every student that comes in will develop their own style. They have their own individual rhythm. We give them the foundations and the grassroots knowledge to go out there and excel.” — Charlene Caple, auctioneering instructor

How much does it cost?

Tuition and fees are $4,800. Various sources of financing may be available, including scholarships through the HACC Foundation.

What is the average salary for an auctioneer?

Auctioneering can be quite lucrative, but it depends on what you plan to sell. This is because auctioneers are often paid on commission, and commission pay structures vary.

In the end, you could make anywhere between $20,000 and $80,000 a year.

If I take the Pennsylvania State Auctioneer License Examination, can I work in other states?

It depends on the state license laws. Some states have no license laws. Others allow for reciprocity, meaning you can work there once you’ve been licensed for 2 years in Pennsylvania.

When did this program start?

The early 1980s.

Why is this program unique?

This program is one-of-a kind in the United States, in part because of its accelerated nature. It is also one of only three schools in Pennsylvania that offers an auctioneering diploma.

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