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Goucher College – A Student Focused Curriculum

I listened to Goucher College president, José Antonio Bowen, discuss the new curriculum, implemented last fall.   I found the curriculum intriguing, and his thoughts on higher education to be enlightening.  Here is some of what I learned:

  • The curriculum is designed to help students become self-regulated learners. There are few specific course requirements.
  • Students take four sequential semesters of problem-solving.  They get to choose from many topics.
  • Every senior presents a reflection portfolio to faculty and friends. Students have ten minutes to tell their story — who they were, how they changed, what made the difference over their four years and who they are now.
  • Foreign language study is combined with culture classes.
  • Relationships, Resilience, and Reflection are the new 3Rs.
  • Studying abroad is required. Bowen suggests that students go someplace that makes them a little bit uncomfortable.
  • There is a new data analytics (formerly known as Math) requirement.
  • Students are required to take three years of writing that is portfolio, competency based.
  • 95% of students engage in hands-on learning experiences.

Beyond the curriculum,

Goucher is located eight miles north of Baltimore on 287 wooded acres. Professors know students by name.  I’m happy to tell you more.


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