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Duke in Montréal

Are you interested in studying French? Or fascinated by the marketing that goes behind promoting a product in a specific culture or language? If so, then you may want to deepen your understanding of our neighbor to the north by spending a summer with Duke in Montreal, Canada.

Key Stats
Program: Duke in Montréal
Program Type: Summer study abroad
University: Duke University
University Location: Durham, North Carolina
Commonly associated undergraduate degrees: Major in French & Francophone Studies,
certificate in Markets & Management Studies
Program URL: http://globaled.duke.edu/programs/


duke in montrealThe Duke in Montreal program is open to all Duke undergraduates.

However, it may be particularly interesting to you if you decide to pursue a major, minor, or certificate in French & Francophone Studies or Markets & Management Studies.

In order to apply, you’ll need to have completed at least four semesters of French.

How long is the program?

This is a four-week course. It generally takes place during the month of July.

How is it organized?

You’ll spend the first week in Montreal, where you’ll focus on learning the basics of political and linguistic history in the area. After that, you’ll travel to Quebec City for a closer look at nation branding. Finally, you’ll spend your last two weeks in Montreal looking at the arts and culture industry.

duke in montreal quebecWhat will I study?

Since residents in Quebec speak French, businesses have to adjust their marketing strategies to appeal to a bilingual audience. The Duke in Montreal program focuses on learning how these adjustments are made by looking at marketing, finance, policy and cultural identity. You’ll also look at how various players– from artists to politicians– have shaped Quebec’s unique identity.

While you won’t study the grammar of the French language directly, the Duke classes that you take will be taught in French and you’ll also have ample time to enhance your language skills with locals.

 Why is Canada a good place to study French?

Residents of Quebec are mostly bilingual. That means you’ll have the opportunity to try out your French while simultaneously having the comfort of knowing that you can always switch to English if you need to.

“Now if I know someone speaks French, I’m more willing to try because of my experience.”
— Noelle Cunningham, student

For many students, this provides an added layer of comfort that allows them to grasp the language much faster and build confidence.

What else will I do while I’m there?

Besides taking classes, this program has a heavy emphasis on visiting businesses, government agencies, and ad agencies. Meetings with key players are interspersed with trips into the heart of the culture to visit museums, markets, and art venues. You’ll also spend one week in Quebec City– a UNESCO heritage site– and you’ll even get to go whale watching!

You’ll also have plenty of time to explore Quebec on your own and see the culture by attending a variety of summer festivals, including the Festival d’Eté and the African Music Festival.

Why is it important to study in Canada?

Canada is an important strategic partner for the United States. It’s our largest oil supplier, our largest trading partner, a major defense ally, and an important energy partner. We also share a 5,525-mile long unprotected border. Yet, despite these facts, Americans don’t tend to know very much about Canada.

Americans know very little about Canada. And most of what they know is wrong.
— Steve Kelly, Visiting Professor for the Council for North American Studies

While Canada may seem less exotic compared to other study abroad locations, a summer in Montreal will provide you with the opportunity to explore life and business in a very important area. This could give you a heads up in the job market later on.

What makes this program unique?

Undoubtedly the best part of this program is the unique experiences had by each and every student. Just check out the program’s blog, where you can read up on how a summer in Montreal changed the life of so much Duke students.

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