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529 Plans Explained

Emerson Educational Consulting welcomes guest blogger Joel Peck, CPA. What are the major benefits of 529 Plans? Money invested in 529 plan accounts grows tax-free if used for tuition, room and board and other qualifying expenses. The reality of this was driven home...

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Accepted – Congratulations! Now, Help Your Unlucky Friends

Dear Accepted Student, Congratulations! You’ve worked hard to show your best self to your ED or EA school, and you reaped the reward - an acceptance letter. Enjoy the moment. Unfortunately, some of your friends and classmates were not as lucky. They too worked hard,...

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ED – The Not So Easy Decision

“I have to apply early. Everyone says I must if I want a shot at getting in.” These words are often followed by “I don’t know which school is right for me. I wish I could just apply regular decision.” I’ve heard this said too many times, in this and in previous...

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Why Adding A College (or two) To Your List Is A Bad Idea

The title of this blog should read, Why Adding A College (or two) To Your List That You Know Nothing About Is A Bad Idea. Too often, students and parents get to a point in the college admissions process where they “just want to be done.” They are tired of thinking...

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Fast Facts for Parents of College-Bound Students #7

Resources: UC Applications – Step-by-Step Guide http://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/how-to-apply/files/presenting-yourself-uc-application-freshman.pdf Online Glimpse: www.universitytv.com www.youvisit.com/education/ www.campustours.com “Gossip”: www.unigo.com...

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Fast Facts #6

Websites and Resources: Public Colleges https://www.forbes.com/sites/prestoncooper2/2017/06/26/which-state-has-the-most-overpriced-college-tuition/#7920d38b3001 English Language Learners https://www.ed.gov/essa?src=rn Money Magazine Rankings...

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