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Dear Accepted Student,

Congratulations! You’ve worked hard to show your best self to your ED or EA school, and you reaped the reward – an acceptance letter. Enjoy the moment.

Unfortunately, some of your friends and classmates were not as lucky. They too worked hard, but despite their hard work they were deferred or denied. Rejection hurts. They have just taken a huge knock to their self-esteem. Don’t add to their disappointment by parading your acceptance; instead, help them to cope with their setback. If they’re open to talking, be a good listener, but don’t offer your thoughts unless asked. If they do, remind them of a time when they helped you study for an exam or helped you to understand a concept that was giving you trouble.

Remember that your friend’s rejection or deferral is not a reflection of who they are, nor is it necessarily a reflection of how they presented themselves on their application or an indictment of the theme they used for their essay. It does not mean they are a failure or not academically competitive with other applicants. Early programs commonly deny or defer students for many reasons, and to some extent, it’s simply a matter of luck.

Remember your friends and classmates are the same intelligent, caring, dependable, thoughtful, trustworthy and kind people they were before the denial.

Dear Parents of Accepted Students,

If your teen received acceptance into their ED or EA school, you are sharing in their joy and feeling a huge sense of relief. Congratulations! You have every right to that big smile on your face. But, please remember that some of your friend’s kids were not as lucky. Your friends are sharing in their teen’s considerable disappointment. A denial this early can definitely sting. You can help ease their frustration by listening. Allow them to vent and talk through their feelings. Even if you disagree with what they are saying, let it go.

Remember a kind word, a hug, and your friendship is what is important.

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