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5 Key Takeaways You Need to Know About a Sport Management Degree

When you think, “I want to major in Sport Management,” you probably envision a talent recruiter or sports agent. While this is often the exciting public face of the sport management industry, there are far more support roles that offer a multitude of opportunities. If you want to combine your interest in business with a love of sports, here are five key takeaways for you!

Prepare: Volunteer or get a job

Before deciding to make Sport Management your focus in college, find an internship, summer or part-time position in this field. As you learn the duties of various sport management professionals, you can decide which concentration is most exciting to you. Then, as you choose your college courses, target those that will serve you best in your own future.

College Courses to take

There are several concentrations within Sport Management.
• Finance, business management and accounting are important for those who want to work in the business side of sports.
• Much of sport management work involves marketing and sales, or advertising and promotions, so classes in those areas would be valuable.
• If you love organizing and creating systems, take classes in operations and facilities management.
• Almost every type of sports management position requires the use of some type of technology, so learning how to use technology is important.

Sport Management Opportunities

Sport Management majors have many opportunities. Most people think about working for professional major and minor league teams, but have you considered working for a college team? Car racing teams need people who understand sport management, as do hockey teams, basketball leagues and golf facilities. There are also jobs with large sports venues and stadiums.

Potential Salary

As with any career, there is a range of earning potential. Here are some possible salary ranges:
• Inside Sales Representative: This sales based position grows the earnings of the team or facility by selling services–$35,000 and up.
• Coaches and Talent Scouts: These people are responsible for identifying potential athletic talent for the organization–$35,000 and up.
• Public Relations: Managers handle the media for the team or venue–$50,000 and up.
• Event Planner: Planner events include facility programs, hotels reservations and any accommodations for teams and clients–$35,000 and up.
• Account Manager: This is a sales based position for important accounts, with the potential to earn commission–$100,000 and up.
• Marketing Manager: This position holds responsibility for promoting the athletes, venue or brand–$100,000 and up.
• General Manager: This position handles revenue, budgets, hiring and any other business decisions–$120,000 and up.

Career paths

Many Sport Management professionals begin their careers in a big city where there are many professional, college and independent teams. Add in the stadiums and venues and your prospects increase. Because Sport Management is a highly competitive industry, a graduate level degree can open many more doors to opportunity. Many times you can work while you pursue a higher degree to increase your chances and your earnings. Finally, a Sport Management degree gives you the flexibility to work in sports or business or both!

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