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Working with the right educational consultant

makes a difference

“Emerson Educational Consulting is committed to helping students and graduate school candidates find and apply to colleges and universities where they will be academically successful and happy.”

How We Work

We’ll look at your ultimate goals, in addition to the steps we need to take and create a timeline just for you.

We will help you find schools that are right for you.

We help you turn a two-dimensional application into a showcase for your three-dimensional personality.

Who We Are

We are friendly.

We are knowledgeable.

We have a passion for helping students and all things education.

We understand that students are very different, with their own unique requirements and we tailor the way we work to support your individual needs.

About Us

Our Services

We’ll start by listening, learning and understanding more about who you are, how you learn, your educational needs and what you want to achieve. It is this approach that enables us to build so many long-lasting relationships with students and families with whom we work.


Graduate School

International Students

Admissions Aardvark

An opportunity for parents and college-bound students to ask questions about the college and graduate school admission processes.

An opportunity to learn from reputable admissions experts.

A great place to keep up with trends and questions you haven’t thought of yet.

It’s free! Check it out.

Free Resources

We work hard to provide students, candidates and families with the most up-to-date information and share what we learn with our community.

Our Resources and Videos


What Can a College Consultant Do for You?

According to the U.S. Department of Education, public high schools can only provide an average of 38 minutes of counseling per student per year. This is not nearly enough time to help students making decisions critical for the rest of their lives. A college...

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Understanding the 7 Different College Admission Options

When applying to colleges, you should assume that each one is a little unique when it comes to their admission practices. Requirements, policies and deadlines do vary quite a bit from one institution to another. For that reason, it’s important to become familiar with...

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“We help structure the college admission process so that students
and parents can make the best decisions.”

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