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14 12, 2017

Accepted – Congratulations! Now, Help Your Unlucky Friends

By | 2017-12-14T13:38:03+00:00 December 14th, 2017|College Admissions, College Admissions Decisions, College Applications, College Decisions, Early Action, Early Decision, high school senior, Rejection Hurts, Tips for Disappointment, Uncategorized|0 Comments

Dear Accepted Student, Congratulations! You’ve worked hard to show your best self to your ED or EA school, and you reaped the reward - an acceptance letter. Enjoy the moment. Unfortunately, some of your friends and classmates were not as lucky. They too worked hard, but despite their hard work they were deferred or denied. [...]

11 10, 2017

ED – The Not So Easy Decision

By | 2017-10-11T16:20:04+00:00 October 11th, 2017|Admission Plans, Apply to College, College Admissions, College Applications, College Bound, Early Decision, high school senior, Higher Education, Parents of College Bound, Uncategorized|0 Comments

“I have to apply early. Everyone says I must if I want a shot at getting in.” These words are often followed by “I don’t know which school is right for me. I wish I could just apply regular decision.” I’ve heard this said too many times, in this and in previous college application seasons, [...]

16 08, 2017

Why Adding A College (or two) To Your List Is A Bad Idea

By | 2017-12-10T17:58:54+00:00 August 16th, 2017|Apply to College, College Admissions, College Applications, College Bound, College List, College List Tips, high school senior, Uncategorized, university|0 Comments

The title of this blog should read, Why Adding A College (or two) To Your List That You Know Nothing About Is A Bad Idea. Too often, students and parents get to a point in the college admissions process where they “just want to be done.” They are tired of thinking about schools to apply [...]

19 05, 2017

Goucher College – A Student Focused Curriculum

By | 2017-05-19T00:00:34+00:00 May 19th, 2017|Colleges & Universities, Goucher College, Goucher Curriculum, The Liberal Arts, Uncategorized|0 Comments

I listened to Goucher College president, José Antonio Bowen, discuss the new curriculum, implemented last fall.   I found the curriculum intriguing, and his thoughts on higher education to be enlightening.  Here is some of what I learned: The curriculum is designed to help students become self-regulated learners. There are few specific course requirements. Students take [...]

25 04, 2017

Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema

By | 2017-05-18T23:05:06+00:00 April 25th, 2017|Filmmaking, Graduate School, MFA, Uncategorized|0 Comments

On Thursday, I along with some of my NYC IECA colleagues toured the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema. Jonathan Wacks, the founding director of the school and Professor of Film, showed us the state-of-the-art facilities, explained their use, told us about the school and the students who attend.  Feirstein is the first school in the United States [...]

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