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The Do’s and Dont’s of Writing a College Essay

One essay - your last chance to prove yourself on paper and to get into the schools on your list. No pressure, right? While you can’t change your grades or your standardized test scores, your essay is still totally under your control. Writing your college essay can be...

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High School Parents: Are You Acting Appropriately?

High School Parents: Are You Acting Appropriately? If you are in the process of hiring an educational consultant, make sure that the consultant is willing to individualize the college admission process for your teen and your family. This is the first step toward to...

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529 Plans Explained

Emerson Educational Consulting welcomes guest blogger Joel Peck, CPA. What are the major benefits of 529 Plans? Money invested in 529 plan accounts grows tax-free if used for tuition, room and board and other qualifying expenses. The reality of this was driven home...

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Accepted – Congratulations! Now, Help Your Unlucky Friends

Dear Accepted Student, Congratulations! You’ve worked hard to show your best self to your ED or EA school, and you reaped the reward - an acceptance letter. Enjoy the moment. Unfortunately, some of your friends and classmates were not as lucky. They too worked hard,...

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ED – The Not So Easy Decision

“I have to apply early. Everyone says I must if I want a shot at getting in.” These words are often followed by “I don’t know which school is right for me. I wish I could just apply regular decision.” I’ve heard this said too many times, in this and in previous...

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